About Me.

Hi there! I’m Brittany.

Welcome to my blog Life of Brit! A place for me to share my favorite travel experiences, photography, inspiration and experiences as a first-year English teacher in South Korea and beyond.


A little about me…

I’m a self-described daydreamer smitten with travel, the outdoors, new cultures and amateur photography.  I’ve always been a curious person easily lost to daydreams, entranced with the idea of travel and excited to explore the unknown.


I got my chance to really see the world when I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Little did I know this experience would come to completely change me, my perspective on the world, and amplify my love for exploration from what it was to a level of addiction.





When the travel dust finally settled, I came home with an eagerness I had never known – anxious to find a way to incorporate travel as much as possible into my life, my job, my existence. However, I graduated the next year from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and with looming student loan payments on their way, I had no choice but to begin working full-time to gain valuable professional experience while paying down my student debt.


To kick off my professional career, I worked for a local marketing agency and had the opportunity to enjoy business travel, work with fantastic Fortune 100 clients and flex my creative muscle. I gained valuable insight into the business world as well as what it takes to successfully reach an audience and connect with the right people.


While working full-time, I refused to let my full time schedule get in the way of my favorite pastime and strove to travel internationally at least twice each year – with as many small intermittent trips as my schedule and wallet would allow. While my time at Madison Avenue was great and life in Madison lovely, I began to feel like it was time for something new.




Now 4 years since my first big move abroad, 25 countries and 27 U.S. states later, the itch to move again became too strong to resist. So, I’ve recently quit my job, accepted an English teaching position in South Korea, and have officially published a blog!


I hope you enjoy! Welcome to the Life of Brit.


Places I’ve Been.


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