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25 Things to Do in Daegu, South Korea

things to do in Daegu

As Korea’s fourth largest city, it can be surprisingly difficult to find information online about what this centrally located metropolis has to offer travelers. After living here for the past 6 months, I’m finally starting to uncover its hidden gems and the top things to do in Daegu.


And even though on the surface (and on google) Daegu may seem like a boring place to visit, this city actually does have a lot going for it. So if you find yourself living, working or visiting Daegu, don’t miss its top attractions and bucket list worthy experiences. 




Fun facts about Daegu:


  • It’s situated in the center of the country (from Seoul it’s 2 hours by speed train, 4 by bus) making travel to other Korean destinations very convenient!


  • Daegu is actually quite a large city with a population of nearly 2.5 million people.


  • Daegu is Korea’s hottest city and has the nickname of Daefrica (Daegu+Africa).


  • This city is considered one of the most conservative in the entire country.


  • There’s quite a large expat community here, no doubt from the US military base stationed within the city, the large number of English teachers and the two large universities.



The Colorful Daegu sign in Druyu Park.



What to do in Daegu.



1. Visit Apsan Park and hike the mountain to see the sunset and glittering city at night.



At the top of Apsan – PC to my pal Ivan.



2. Visit the Mabijeong Mural Village that’s just outside of the city.




3. Hike one of the many mountains surrounding Daegu:

  • Palgongsan
  • Biseulsan – lovely in the spring during the Azalea Festival.
  • Gayasan National Park



At the top of a ridge on Palgongsan.



4. Explore the bustling downtown streets and sample popular Korean street foods.




5. Visit E-World amusement park and climb the 83 Tower – during cherry blossom season it’s gorgeous!



The view from 83 Tower during cherry blossom season.



6. See a live show at the Daegu Opera House.




7. Go to a pet cafe and enjoy some fur cuddles. 



I was a little scared, I’ll be honest.



8. Visit Suseong Lake and enjoy the water show at night.





9. See Otgol Village, a traditional Korean Hanok village just outside of the city.




10. Explore Seomun Market at night and munch on beondegi (silkworm larvae).



The bustling night market! I’ll admit, I have yet to try the beondegi myself.




11. Shop at the beautiful Shinsegae department store that offers more than just shopping (bouncy gym, rooftop art installation, delicious restaurants).




12. Visit the late night bulgogi tents to dine and drink with the locals.



Bulgogi + soju + friends = perfection.



13. Visit a traditional Korean jjimjilbang and get the infamous nude scrub.




14. Enjoy one of Daegu’s many festivals.

My favorite Daegu fests so far include…

  • Chimak Chicken and Beer Festival
  • Biseulsan Azalea Festival 
  • Colorful Daegu Festival



The azalea festival on Biseulsan.



15. Wander around Druyu Park to see the Colorful Daegu sign, order fried chicken delivery straight to your picnic blanket and drink soju with friends.



Chicken and friends in Druyu Park.



16. See a Samsung Lions baseball game at Daegu Stadium.




17. Treat yourself to one of Daegu’s many cute and delicious dessert cafes.

My favorites are…

  • Delizzert
  • Sugar Pumpkin
  • Korean Dessert Cafe
  • Crescendo Coffee & Dessert



The beautiful desserts of Delizzert.



18. Check out the Korean t-shirts at Banwoldang Station and enjoy a laugh at the funny English slogans.



Enjoying cake at Tarr Tarr in my uber cool Korean tee – “Josh ur out of the band”. So deep.



19. Drink and dance on foreigner street and enjoy expat favorites like;

  • GoGo’s – alcoholic juice pouches you drink on the street.
  • Valv – a dance club favorite so exclusive sometimes foreigners aren’t allowed in.
  • MF Bar – a playroom for western drinking games.
  • Communes Bar – a low-key bar that hosts a story slam once a month.




20. Visit Donghwasa Temple and see the famous Gatbawi statue of Buddha.



People bowing and praying to Buddha.



21. Watch a 4D movie at the CGV near Jungangno metro station.




22. Check out the Arc and cruise around on rented scooters.



The Arc!



23. Explore Daegu’s colorful and blossoming Arboretum.




24. Grab dinner at one of the popular restaurants on K-BBQ alley in downtown Daegu.



Korean BBQ alley!



25. Sip persimmon wine at Daegu’s wine tunnels and explore the bull ring nearby.



Have you been to Daegu? What’s YOUR favorite thing to do here? Share below!



25 things to do in daegu