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Why You Should Do Something That Scares You

do something that scares you

We all have big dreams, goals and desires that scare the shit out of us. The fear of failure, heartache and change are usually strong enough to maintain the equilibrium and monotony that life can so often become and it can keep us from going after what we really want. I’m here to tell you to avoid all that and do something that scares you – and to do it ASAP.


So what are these scary things I want you to do? Well it could be anything really.


For me, it was quitting a job that made me terribly unhappy even though it provided great job experience and financial stability. It was moving away from a wonderful city with lovely people. It was leaving a troubled but passionate relationship – all to move to Asia to teach English and put myself out there as a newbie blogger because something wasn’t quite right in my life.


It’s also the small and seemingly silly things. Like being too scared to go to that intimidating yoga class as a self-labeled weakling (me). To go on that hiking trip alone because no one else was interested (me, again). To wear that sun hat you’ve been dying to wear even though you’re worried your head is too big and you can’t pull it off (definitely me).


It took me ages to work up the courage to do these small things and everyday it’s still an ongoing internal battle to put myself out there. Like publishing this – only my second inspirational blog post ever – even though I’m worried what others will think about the words I’ve written, or if anyone will even care at all!


But whether or not I gain the success I’m after or find whatever it is that I’m looking for, I’ve done all of these things for me because it’s what I’ve dreamed about for years. For the first time in a long time, I feel in complete control of my life and I’m happy. I’ve come to realize the importance of doing the things in life that scare you, and I’m here to tell you why you should do the same thing.



do something that scares you

I met some new lovely friends on the trail while traveling solo in Banff. You can check out their blog here!



7 Reasons to Do Something That Scares You.



1. Our dreams never die.

Just because we’re terrified of change or failure, doesn’t mean that our dreams just disappear. They sit in the back of our minds constantly reminding us that they’re still there, and still unaccomplished. We may not always find success in the endeavors we pursue, but as Lewis Carroll so eloquently stated,


“In the end… We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.”



2. Small change is a catalyst for big change.

Often the toughest struggle of going after our dreams is getting started. Starting small and going after the seemingly little things can give you the courage to go for the next more difficult goal. Taking baby steps will eventually lead to leaps, and that momentum will carry you a long way.



3. Gain confidence while overcoming your fears.

Doing something that scares us or that we thought we were incapable of doing builds self-confidence. It demonstrates to ourselves that we actually are capable of courageous acts and that our fears are unfounded. Often the main force holding us back is our own inhibitions. Strive for going beyond your boundaries and watch as your self-confidence builds and those inhibitions slowly melt away.



4. Grow as a person & expand your horizons.

People naturally fear the unknown. It’s through making mistakes, venturing outside of our comfort zone, meeting new people, going to new places and seeing new things that we grow as human beings. By doing something that scares you, you often gain a completely new perspective on yourself, the world, and other people.



5. Realize that the scary things in life aren’t always as scary as they seem.

How many times have you been afraid of something, only to get started and realize – woah it’s actually not so bad? The more frequently you do something, the easier and easier it gets. I’ve been on three solo trips and counting and they’ve gotten easier and easier each time – now I’m addicted!



6. Lead a life without regrets. Live intentionally.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to do the things in life you’ve always wanted. As cheesy as you only live once is, it’s such an important mantra to remember. Don’t waste your one and only precious life on “someday…”.



7. It ultimately makes you happy.

And isn’t being true to yourself and living a life that makes you happy the ultimate goal of all?


What scares you? Share below! 🙂


do something that scares you